ECOHIDRO is focused on designing and eveloping solutions that respect the environment by maximizing the use of water resources, guaranteeing the objective water quality with minimal energy consumption.

Our engineering department is present from the moment the client contacts until the solution is fully implemented to meet their needs. 

       At ECOHIDRO we adapt to the needs of each sector

The increasing deterioration of water quality worldwide, as a result of environmental degradation and scarcity, makes it inevitable to refine the techniques for regulating the sanitary parameters of water to those established in the corresponding legislation, and allow for better and more efficient use of the resource.

40 years together


Extensive experience as manufacturers of solutions for the agricultural sector focused on increasing our clients' productivity.


Optimized sizing that guarantees the adaptability of the plant to foreseeable increases in the salinity of the available water source.


The possibility of automatic adjustments of water conductivity as needed.

Local assistance, global control