In today's world, we all know that water is essential for life, health, and dignity. In extreme situations, it may be possible that there is not enough water available to meet basic needs, and in these cases, it is of vital importance to provide enough potable water supply to ensure survival.


The CDTI HidroSURVIVE was born to address the need for drinking water supply in emergency conditions and has been based on the research and development of a portable and energy-autonomous DRINKING WATER BACKPACK that can be carried by a single person, and is capable of producing drinking water from any freshwater or brackish water source, regardless of its quality


Being a fully portable and autonomous solution, the drinking water backpack is the precise solution to guarantee the supply of potable water for drinking, cooking, and basic self hygiene to a group in emergency or survival situations, such as:


Temporary displacement of people in:

  • Military missions - by land, sea, and air - involving troop movements.
  • Humanitarian missions in cases of emergencies, natural disasters, or temporary refugee settlements.

Remote locations

where, due to the size of the equipment and/or difficulty of access, lack of power generation, it is not possible to use any other water treatment system.


In emergency situations

in case of failure of the usual water treatment system in small population centers, boats, lifeboats, etc.

The potable water backpack employs mechanical filtration technologies with efficient self-cleaning systems that allow the recovery of filter media once they become saturated. In this way, short-term disposable filtration technologies are not used, avoiding the use of consumables and chemical reagents that create dependency, waste that is difficult to treat, and additional transportation burden.


The equipment is capable of operating without any need for electrical power input, therefore, the use of photovoltaic panels, generators, or other systems for the production or storage of electrical energy is not necessary for its operation.


The technical specifications of the HidroSURVIVE DUOX 0.1 potable water backpack model are as follows:


Prototype of manual backpack


  • Guaranteed supply of potable water meeting the quality standards set by the WHO from freshwater or low salinity brackish water.

  • Easily transportable to hard-to-reach places by a single person.

  • Manual operation without the need for electrical power.

  • Incorporates a self-cleaning system that efficiently recovers the filter media.

  • Robust design and easy to handle by anyone without specific qualifications.

  • No need for consumables and chemical reagents that create dependency and waste.


The use of multiple HidroSURVIVE backpacks can be of vital importance in emergency situations where, due to lack of electrical power resulting from a failure, sabotage of the network, or a failure of the main water purification equipment in a settlement or base, a critical shortage of potable water occurs.


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