At ECOHIDRO we have a multidisciplinary team of engineers, with the endorsement of experience gained from installations worldwide and knowledge acquired from numerous R&D projects, selecting the best water treatment technologies available in the market and adapt them to your needs:


Our engineering department is present from the moment the client contacts us until the solution is fully implemented to meet their needs. To achieve this, our engineering team must actively participate in each part o the process:

Listening to the client's needs, data collection, characterization studies.

Designing a more efficient system, both in terms of features and price, based on the client's needs and the technologies available for it.

Monitoring the project by actively listening to the client and the needs they expect to fulfill with our team.

Designs and calculations of pipelines, structures, supports, instrumentation, selection of top-brand components worldwide...


Supervision of the entire manufacturing process to ensure quality standards.

Development of the control system for our water treatment plants, which have their own know-how perfected by years of experience in the sector.

Complete factory testing of each of our water treatment plants before they are shipped to the customer's facilities.

Commissioning by specialized personnel or customer guidance if they decide to carry it out themselves, as the equipment is plug & play

We design and manufacture the most suitable

water treatment solution for your needs!