About us

ECOHIDRO WATER AND ENVIRONMENT EBT, S.L., It has its technical office and factory in Murcia and is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and commercialization of compact water treatment equipment.


With 45 years of experience in the sector, ECOHIDRO, it has more than 400 units in operation distributed worldwide.

One of the key points of ECOHIDRO is having a qualified and experienced team of professionals. A strong and dynamic engineering team that allows us to adapt to any type of water treatment projects, providing an effective and professional response to our clients.

Ecohidro has its own water treatment equipment factory, which allows us to ensure quality standards in our products, as well as ensuring that all equipment leaves our factory tested and proven, maximizing delivery time and price adjustments.

Our hallmark is adaptation and commitment to solving our clients' needs, always providing the best attention and care to them.

Mision and values

From its inception, the company ECOHIDRO never forgets that every day water treatment systems must be more efficient to reduce the impact on the planet, the environment, and specifically, in the area or ecosystem where they are installed.

For this, we have focuse on improving a series of key points in each of our solutions, such as:

improvements in energy efficiency in our treatment plants.

Improvement in the quality of materials in our processes to minimize the use of unnecessary consumables or spare parts.

Implementing automated systems to improve maintenance and ease of operation of our equipment.

Increasing the performance of treatment plants to save the maximum amount of water possible.

Increasing the performance of treatment plants to save the maximum amount of water possible.


A multidisciplinary team of engineers, backed by the experience of installations carried out woldwide and the knowledge acquired in numerous R&D projects


The factory facilities are equipped with the necessary machinery to provide a finished product, of quality, and with the longest lifespan in the current market


Installation, commissioning, and training are carried out by our technical department, with extensive experience in the sector, which adapts to the needs of our customers in a timely manner.


Something that is part of our company's DNA is constant Research and Development to improve our products and solutions day by day.